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School of Dragons Hack is an online tool where you can use it to get unlimited coins and gems for free. Easy and simple to use. Updated and working.

School of Dragons is a virtual MMORPG game based on movies How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2. School of Dragons allows players to hatch their own dragon, play games, complete quests, perform science experiments and explore the Viking world. The player can hatch and raise their own dragon and choose from 54 species available. The game currencies are Coins and Gems, and there is a store where you can buy them. But we are not going to buy them. Why? Because we can get them for free. How? Continue reading below.


Have you ever thought what makes you a great player? Well, having a lot of game resources makes you a good player. You can get them by buying them, but you do not have the money or you do not want to spend them on virtual games. There is a solution for you. We present to you our School of Dragons Hack tool. This tool is an online software where you can get unlimited coins and gems.

About this tool

Our team started working for this software since last year. It took us some time, but we were able to build an awesome tool. At first we thought School of Dragons Hack tool is not going to be free. A small price would help us to continue and develop more similar tools. But the idea to build this software was to not spend money for this game. So we are sharing this to all you players for FREE! This online hack tool works for both iOS and Android devices and also if you play it in Steam or Facebook.


First of all, we are very proud to tell you guys that our tool works online. Forget about all the programs we had to download and install in the past. Now all you need is internet access and of course a School of Dragon user.

Click the access online tool button below or click this link and it will take you to online hack tool site. There you need to enter your username, then enter or select how much Coins and Gems you want to get. There is an Anti Ban protection. You do not have to worry about your account because it is very safe to use this online tool. Why? Because we need only your username, nothing else. And you can generate free coins and gems for other players too, for example a nice surprise for your friend. It leave it on and click Generate button to start the process of adding free gems and coins to your account.

school of dragons hack

You need to wait around 2 to 3 minutes until the process is finished. There is something you should know. We host this online tool in our server. And when we have released School of Dragons Hack tool for the first time, someone used bots to take down our server. And we had to add a Verification to verify that there isn’t any bot. Just complete Verification by choosing one of options below. Depends by your country which option is available. You can verify through survey or by calling or texting us.

After you pass the Verification process the resources will be added in your account. That’s all.


YES, very safe. All we need for you is your username. You will not get any viruses because it is an online tool, so you do not have to download or install any program. Do not worry and enjoy free gems and coins. About the question is it free, you know the answer.







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