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monster legends hack

Monster Legends Hack is a tool where players can use it to get free resources like gems, gold and food. Available for Facebook, iOS and Android.

Monster Legends is a free to play game available for Facebook platform and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Many years ago, a fire ruined a kingdom, a few survivors were forced to flee to a portal of space and time. The portal distorted them into monsters, and survivors landed on an island surrounded by other six islands.

In the Adventure Map, the player must battle against enemy Monsters using three of their own Monsters. This map has 170 levels and the reward for winning a level is Food and Gold. In the Monster Area the player can battle other players and can steal their Food and Gold. There are nine different elements of Monsters – Fire, Nature, Magic, Light, Dark, Earth, Thunder, Water and Legendary. Breeding(link) is a way how to get uncommon and rarer Monsters.

Do you want to save money and be a pro player? Read below how to hack Monster Legends game and get unlimited gems gold and food.

About Monster Legends Hack Tool

Monster Legends Hack is an online tool where players can use it to get free Gold, Food and Gems. We tried to make this tool simple for others and decided to update it in new version. The main feature of the new version is that our tool can be accessed online. The old version was a program and a lot of players couldn’t know how to install and use it. So we made it simple and easy to use.

How to access it?

Simply click the button below, and you will be redirected to the tool site. We are getting a lot of users every day and the site may take time to open. If it does not open, please contact us!

monster legends hack

How to use Monster Legends Hack?

Start by entering your username or email. Below you can see three boxes. You can select or enter the amount. Start with the amount of Gold, then Food and Gems. If you do not enter a valid amount of gold you will get an error. And please if you are using this tool for the first time please DO NOT enter big amounts like 9999999, it can take down of server and the tool will not work. Enter amounts like 1000 or 10000, because you can use it every day. The Anti Ban protection is enabled by default, so just skip it. Also the daily limit that you can use our tool is 5. Only 5 time per day you can get free gold, food and gems.

To start the process of adding these resources to your account just click Generate button. You will need to wait maximum 5 minutes until the process is finished.

About verification process

When the 1.0 version was released, somebody tried to take down our server by using bots. The server was down and it took use some days to fix it. So we added a verification process to prove that only humans use our online tool. You can verify through survey or by calling or texting us. The calling and texting option is only available for some countries.

Is it safe?

YES! The tool needs only your username or email. So do not worry. You can generate resources for your friends too. Make them a surprise J

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your free gold, food and gems. We thank you for using our tool.  –


Step by step how to use Monster Legends Cheats

  1. Visit our site
  2. Click Access Online Tool button
  3. Enter your username or email
  4. Enter or select the amount of Gold, Food and Gems
  5. Skip or turn off the Anti Ban Protection
  6. Click Generate button
  7. Complete the verification process
  8. Wait maximum 5 minutes
  9. Enjoy your free resources
  10. Repeat to get more gold food and gems.






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