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Growtopia Hack is an online tool where you can get unlimited Gems for free! It is easy to use and works for iOS and Android devices. Updated and working.

Growtopia is a 2D creative sandbox platformer MMO released on 9th January 2013 by Seth Robinsons and Mike Hommel. You can play Growtopia game in your Android or iOS devices. This game is very addictive because you need to build an amazing world, planting seeds, protect items and collect Gems. You will earn rewards like achievements, items, currency and more. You have to protect your items because someone can stole them and you cannot restore them. Giving access to your friends by using the lock system is a very great feature. You can build your house, dungeon or anything else.

Every world in Growtopia is massively multiplayer and the opportunity for scams is very great so beware. The crafting and growing little trees for doors, bricks and wooden platforms is unique which makes Growopia a great game. You can connect to a world by typing its name or select from the list. The main currency for this game are gems. You can purchase them or get them for free! Continue reading a learn how to do that.

About Growtopia Hack

Growtopia Hack is an online tool where all the players can use it to get free unlimited gems. Do you enjoy this game a lot, but as a new player or an old one you want to progress faster? Well this is perfect for you. Getting free gems is a big deal. Because with gems you can buy different packs with unique items and materials.

How does this tool works?

The tool is hosted on a server which is connected with Growtopia game. By giving us your username the tool can search and find your username and add how many gems you have selected. It is so simple and easy to use.

How to access Growtopia Hack?

You can access Growtopia Hack by clicking the access button below. You will be redirected to the tool site. There you need to enter your account username. Be sure that you have typed your username correctly. Continue and you will see a box, there you have to enter or select the amount of gems that you want to add in your account. For the first time do not enter big numbers but something like 1000, 10000 gems. Anti Ban protection is a feature which protects your account. Be sure to let it ON. To start the process click Generate button. And wait some minutes, because it takes time to find your account and add gems.

growtopia hack

Do you see the verification?

I am sorry but you have to complete the verification process to get your gems. Why? Seeing that means that players from your country have misused this tool. Also we need to protect our server from bots, because our server got down more than five times just because someone used bots to access our tool.

To complete this step is easy. Just select one of options that you have. Verify through survey or by calling or texting us. The second option depends where you live.

When you complete the final step, Growtopia Hack tool will start to add gems in your account.

That’s all. Thank you for using our tool. –

Is it safe and how many times can I use this tool?

YES it is because all we need from you is your username. You can make a gift to your friends by using this tool for him. Make them happy. The daily limit is 3. So only three times per day you can use this amazing online tool.

BONUS for you, read some features about Growtopia game.

  • For 300 gems you can send a message to 1000 randomly selected players.
  • Some of shops were you can buy premium items are: Turtle Hat, Stick Horse, Dragon Hand, Ambulance etc.
  • The tiers of locks are: small, big, huge and world lock. Try to obtain them to protect your resources.
  • Using Growtopia Cheats you can get unlimited gems and use them to buy resources like seeds and world locks. You can also upgrade your inventory.
  • You can trade items with trading system.
  • Weather machines like Sunny, Arid, Snowy Machine are expensive but do not worry. With our Growtopia Cheats you can buy them.
  • Growtokens are another currency in this game but unfortunately our tool does not add them for free.



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